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Inspired by true events

"At first everything was great. I thought I had come to the last point. A community of good and peaceful people. Noone hurt anybody, everyone knew what and why he/she did and most important of all, even death had a meaning. I could talk about ideals, dreams, about the hope of a better world. But, it did not take much for spell to be broken. Just a few simple questions that weren't come up with an answer and that gave disturbance even by asking. In fact all that magnificent constitiution had been established of playing cards. It could stand up only if you did not blow the wind. If you locked up your brain, if you did not question fundamental basis of the belief, if you could assimilate accepting instead of thinking. I could not. I asked the questions and the playing cards fell down."

The names of the congregation companies, their endorsements, the number of the students at their schools, the point of view of their leaders known as Hodja: Many things have been written and said about the strongest Islamic congregation of Turkey (the country) up to now. However, the lives of people who constitute that structure, the feelings and the thoughts of the ones who go through there have always remained as a secret. In this novel which he wrote out of his memories, the writer who had the opportunity to know the Service closely in his college years shares the views of people from the congregation with his readers. He offers looking life and each other from a different point of view addressing both to the congregation and to the world outside it while considering the reasons of joining and breaking away the Service. In accompany with a highway story together with Murat, Elif, Yusufcuk and Ahmet...

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