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Shanghai International Literary Festival 2013

Baris Mustecaplioglu became the first Turkish author invited to Shanghai Literary Festival.



"The Coward and The Beast" (Korkak ve Canavar) in Bulgaria

Published by Arka Publishing House in 2010.
Publishing rights have been sold to Albania at the same year



International Festival, "Days and Nights of Literature" in Romania, in 2010

Organized by Writers' Union of Romania in Neptun, Mangalia


Word Express Journey, involving readings in Greece, Bulgaria and Romania, in 2009

Organized by British Council, Literature Across Frontiers and Delta Publishing House.

20 young writers and artists from 12 different countries have traveled together by trains for 15 days, giving readings and attending literary discussions at the cities they visited.


Frankfurt Book Fair, "Young Writers of Turkey" event, in 2008


"The Brother's Blood" (Kardeş Kanı) in Poland

Published by UkladAnka Publishing House in 2008.


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