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Hodi Podi

Hey children, what do you see when you look up at the sky? The bright sun and the white clouds, right? But in fact, there is much more up there. There is a land suspended up in the sky over the white clouds through millions of balloons attached to its edges. This beautiful country is surrounded by a lake made of raindrops and colorful gardens full of sweet fruits. It is here in this country that the tiny and cute Podis live.

Hodi Podi lives in the Land of Podies with his parents. Since he is very curious, he always finds a way to travel around. Sometimes he gets wings and flies; sometimes he dives deep in the ocean and swim with the whales. One day he is sledge skiing in the poles, another day he gets stuck in a spaceship and travels to other planets. He never hesitates to help people who are in trouble during these travels. That is why he himself always gets into trouble.

The only person who does not like Hodi Podi is the roguish robber. He wants to steal Hodi Podi's precious amulet. The Roguish Robber looks for Hodi everywhere and does anything to catch him. But as he is so clumsy, he always falls into his own traps.

Hodi Podi is about to start an adventurous journey to return to his parents. Would you like to join him in this exciting journey? A robot who makes the best cakes of the world. A huge bird who is looking for her jewellery. An inventor who is travelling all around the world with his zeppelin. A cyclops who is bored of lonesome...

All this and much more is waiting for you in the Hodi Podi's first adventure "The Land in the Sky".

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